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Где-то на форуме раскопал песню Young Australians, хотелось бы найти альбом
Young Australians – Voices of Achievement
Sing NSW.

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Featuring 'The Will To Climb' as featured in the Rugby World Cup this CD combines the children's choir SING, which is drawn from the leading secondary and primary school choirs from around New South Wales, with Sirocco – Australia's leading folk/world music ensemble.

All of the works on the disc were specially commissioned from Paul Jarman and Andrew de Taliga and feature inspirational choral works inspired by the achievements of real young Australians.

Track Listing

1 Better World
2 Follow Your Dreams
3 World of Magic
4 Time Enough to Give
5 Children of the Dreamtime
6 Freedom Cry
7 Run the Gauntlet
8 Mia's Song
9 Set Me Free
10 The Will To Climb
11Young Australians

Released: 2005
ISBN / Catalogue Number: 476 8473


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What kind of music is it ? Classical choirs ?


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Rakugaki пишет:

What kind of music is it ? Classical choirs ?

I don't know.


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Rakugaki пишет:

What kind of music is it ? Classical choirs ?

Yes. It was released by "ABC Classics".


http://shop.abc.net.au/browse/product.a … tid=366706

Всё нравится, всё нравится. Что мне нравится? Ничего мне не нравится.


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okras пишет:

It was released by "ABC Classics".

But it not classics.


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Here is this song:
Young Australians.mp3


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Young Australians: "Voices of Achievement"
забирать быстро


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oleg пишет:

Young Australians: "Voices of Achievement"забирать быстро

Thank You very much!!!!!


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Sky, you're welcome