Тема: IDM Parchments

How do. I've been off work for 8 months looking after my kid, and selling stuff on Ebay/Discogs as a means of not going mad in the time he's having his naps and that. It's been cathartic to thin the vinyl down and make some cash towards new additions...once an addict, etc.

Anyway, here is some ephemera that didn't sell, am sure someone on WATTM might want them?
They are pretty much going for free**, though shipping Case study examples cost 10 or 15 dollars, dunno.

There are three magazines with RDJ in them. The art mag Frieze (1996) has pieces on Vibert & Paradinas too.
(The NMEs I'm sure you're familiar with)

Can't remember where the Skam Sik Sak came from, but it's a fun thing if you like Skam, vomiting or own a plane.

**If anyone has a spare Whine & Missingtoe 7" they want rid of, am willing to part exchange these plus cash, obviously.