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Тема: Adam Aitken

I recently discovered a bright young boy singer named: Adam Aitken

He is well beyond gifted and loves to sing. His dream is become a famous | successful
boy musician like very well known boy artists all around the globe. He is new to scene
and has uploaded some great music covers and soon will be uploading original recordings. With
our help we can help his dream come true. Please subscribe to his channel right now!


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Chr1s пишет:

With our help we can help his dream come true.

How bw


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panda пишет:

How bw

mmm great short question Panda. Subscribe, like, comment on his videos. Share his channel to your Twitter followers, facebook followers, and even share any reviews right here on Kids Music. Adam will be happy when he reaches a great amount of YouTube fans. Every boy musician deserves a chance to shine. They have to start somewhere. This is Adam's chance. Please subscribe to learn more about him. He soon will be releasing a Q&A video when he reaches 25 subscribers or more.


Re: Adam Aitken

Yeah,work together people can make amazing great things.Thanks CH one.I can't see so I send
there my blind message to him or everyone "Just believe in your dream and do the best,never
give up and always remember not money who make you talent,success and great person in the
life" Panda say bs

Panda 2016

Panda's note:
Sometime one word can help people,save life and change sad reality around us.Today I see
"some" people have a lot money but use it like monkey,and I laught oneself into fits when
"someone" tell me about they "great people" and ask me respect them..I ask myself wow
Panda why this happen? Maybe because we make big great mistake when respect money not
people.That what I mean bv