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Rispal Leo is a boy of 10 years originally from Roanne. It was revealed to the general public thanks to his victory in the emission of stars School in 2009 and aired on Direct 8 for his performance in the show The Big Show and Children 500 choristers sing Christmas TF1. Since the boy constantly receives messages of love surfers.

Encouragement that led him to pursue his dream. In January 2010, he did a duet with rapper Gary Fico, known for his cover of Lily Allen and her first parts of Jena Lee. The title is called "The Same as Me." XD


My name is Leo, I am 11 years old.
You know me through my victory in the school program stars on Direct 8 and more recently for my participation in the Grand Show Children on TF1.

I created this blog to share my tastes and give you information about my news.

At the moment I like:

- Read novels as "the Baudelaire orphans."

- Listen to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Lily Wood and the Prick, Adèle ...
- Shows like Glee, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, etc ...

- Surfing the internet, cooking, shopping, and especially spend hours in bookstores.





Leo born August 3, 2000 in Roanne in France.
The boy's voice has won the gold telecrocher "the school of stars" 2nd season at the age of 9 years (a "contest" song dedicated to children aged 8 to 13 years. Has also participated in large children show on TF1 (10 years).
He recorded his first duet album "Same as Me" with Gary Fico.

OFICIAL FACEBOOK  https://www.facebook.com/LeoRispalOfficiel

OFICIAL TWITTER     https://twitter.com/FansdeLeoRispal

OFICIAL YOUTUBE    http://www.youtube.com/user/RISPALSALA

OFICIAL PAGE          http://www.fansdeleorispal.fr/

Premier single de Léo Rispal, "J'veux du soleil"

Premier single de Léo Rispal, "J'veux du soleil"
En vente sur iTunes : http://bit.ly/leosoleilitunes


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Léo Rispal : Someone like you - Fête de la musique 2012 à Roanne


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Ух ты какой хороший! А последний ролик, по-моему ещё лучше чем малыш Франсис поёт.