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Тема: Salserín Venezuela 1993 - 2012




Salserín, is a young child salsa orchestra, formed in Venezuela in 1993. The band adopted a technical renewal of singers like Menudo, in setting an age limit for the permanence of its members. Thus, the orchestra has had about 20 different vocalists, including Servando and Florentino highlights, among others.

The orchestra has more than 7 copies of the plates sold worldwide, as well as 11 productions, 6 Novels, 1 movie theater, a radio soap opera and more than 50 gold records and platino.1

The orchestra has among its members Salserín both the musicians and the vocalists. These have been the biggest changes have taken through the history of the group, since the concept of "youth" of the same forces to renew their vocals once they cease to be young enough to stay there.



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Re: Salserín Venezuela 1993 - 2012


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