Zaza Kanto (Мадагаскар)



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    Zaza Kanto "magnificent child",known as the “Underground Boys of Tana”.  The kids names are Rija, Tojo, Taheri, Thierry, Aitra, Jimmy, Njato and Rivo. They are among the poorest young children in the city, singing accapella like a choir yet their talents are being admired by millions after multiple videos of their brilliant street performances were on internet. Tana stands for “Antananarivo” the capital city of Madagascar big Island close to Africa.
    Preteens to teens, aged between 10 to 16, their musical harmonies like a small band are inspirational to listen too. They regularly perform outside a hostel in Antananarivo entertaining passers by with their songs. The boys all go to school together and the majority of them are members of the same extended family.
    Record deal is a dream, but their lives haven't changed much, nor has one appointment they always keep. Each Sunday they walk about an hour from their slum to a nicer part of town, constructing a homemade rugby ball along the way to pass the time.