Зак Райзман (Zach Raizman, Канада)

    When he was 6 yrs old, Zach made the bold move from child to child star, booking his first gig with the ‘Junior Musical Theater Company’— and he hasn’t looked back since. In fact, Zach, from his years in musical theater, has performed in everything from ‘Oliver’ to ‘Footloose’ to ‘The Sound of Music’. He has also lent his talents as a performer to benefit concerts for ‘War Child Canada’, ‘Cancer Care Manitoba’, and ‘The Lance Armstrong Foundation’. You may have even seen him on national television as a featured entertainer on CKY, CHUM’s CITY TV, and on commercials for the highly successful K-TEL Pops CD. Amid the hours it takes to prepare for school, theater auditions and rehearsals, vocal lessons, and acting workshops, Zach still finds the drive to work on his own music, performing at venues like ‘The Fringe Festival’, ‘Red River Ex’, ‘Academy Coffee House’, or ‘McNally Robinson’. He also hand picked Juno Award Winning producer, Brandon Friesen, to help him craft his first full length CD-‘A Mind To Be Thinkin’. Even now, as Zach continues to busy himself with preparing for his CD release, rehearsing with his band, booking subsequent gigs to help promote the CD and the general workload of being a 14 year old boy, he has decided to take on a roll in the up coming production of ‘SUESSICAL’. It’s obvious more than ever that Zach is never content with what he’s already accomplished.. he’s always looking forward.. working towards a new goal.. never looking back.