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    Most people Tré's age are concerned with homework and high school antics, but Tré Samuels is busy writing songs, collaborating with talented musicians, and researching iconic singers. That's not to say that he doesn't make time for study. In fact, striking a balance between music and study, family and friends, and Melbourne and Los Angeles is a normal part of Tré's life these days, since signing a global publishing and recording deal with Warner Chappell Music (LA)/Thou Art The Hunger (LA).
    Tré's early success is not entirely a surprise. He has always possessed a wisdom and talent beyond his years. Back when he had barely learned to talk, he was already singing along with his grandmother and soaking up her musical knowledge. This pretty much sums Tré up: music and family. It was with the encouragement of his family that at age 11 he started focusing more on his singing talents after being sidelined from soccer due to injury. It was during this brief hiatus from sport - another of his many talents - that he began a YouTube channel and started posting videos of him singing some of his favourite songs, garnering comparisons to Usher, Miguel, and Frank Ocean.
    It wasn't long before Tré's YouTube views were rising fast and his covers started gaining attention. One of the first to notice young Tré's extraordinary abilities was fellow Melbourne musician, Candice Monique ('The Metals' and 'Candice Monique and The Optics'). She wasted no time getting in contact with him and so began a productive mentorship that saw Tré perform at several Oz Soul Collective showcases as well as releasing his first single, 'Man I Wanna Be'. And that was just the beginning.
    After impressing some of Australia's most innovative musicians, including Architecture in Helsinki, Kimbra, M-Phazes, and N'Fa, he was soon discovered by American music industry veteran, and former Warner Music Group executive, Lyor Cohen, and Atlantic Records President, Craig Kallman. Their discovery resulted in Tré being flown to New York and Los Angeles to showcase and record for 2 months. So impressed were they with Tré's performances that he was offered a coveted recording contract with Warner Chappell. All this before he turned 15 years old.
    Tré's future, as well as his talent, burns bright, and with the support of his family, peers, and fans, Tré’s potential is limitless. For now, Tré is focused on developing as an artist, being in the very best creative company and quite happy to finish his homework before taking over the world.