Teo Gertler (Венгрия)



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    Teo in his 8 years of age and debut appearance, took the second prize in the 17th International Competition of Young Violinists „Nutcracker“ in Moscow Россия Russia in 2016, September 2018, he has been awarded Grand Prix at the XIV. 
    Similar prodigy kid ((Аkim-Camara )) another prodigy singer kid is   «FaWiJo » 
    Teo has been awarded a first prize at the International Competition of Bohdan Warchal „Talents for Europe“.🙏🏽❤️
    Teo Gertler is a student of Ľudovit Rajter Music School in Bratislava, Словакия SLOVAKIA in the class of Renata Klempar, as well as in the class of Acsne Szily Eva at the Toth Aladar Zeneiskola 
    in Budapest, Hungary.🎼