Шон Барнетт (Shon Burnett, Тайланд)

    Shon Burnett is a young boy singer from Vancouver, BC, Canada, but grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. Living in Bangkok was a pretty cool experience, especially for a kid like him. Because he was mentored by one of Thailand's greatest rock stars, he performed at concerts, as well as in bars and clubs even though he was only 11 at the time (how many kids can say that!). Such an experience allowed him to develop some pretty good performance skills. In May and June of 2013, he appeared on Thai TV for 6 weeks, competing on "The Trainer 5", which is a really huge singing contest / talent show. Because he succeeded in reaching the finals, he's now known as "Shon The Trainer 5" in Thailand, and you can search this on YouTube to view some of my his performances. He also appeared on "KPOP Star Hunt 2", a Fox International TV production, making it to the finals in Thailand. While living overseas, he attended British and American international schools, and has friends from all over the world.