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    Shane Turner is a 13 year old who lives in the Bay Area. He've been making music for as long as he can remember. He was picking out songs on the piano when he was 3, started classical lessons at 4, wrote his first song when he was 5 (it wasn't long and it wasn't great but apparently it was a song!), started playing steel drum when he was 6 and began jazz when he was 7. Thanks to his great teachers and mentors, he developed a love for jazz, and it shows up in a lot of the music that he write. Lots of people ask him who his music teacher is, and he actually work with several great people. Michael Hatfield started him on jazz and while it is really hard, it is a blast. He started playing steel drum a few years back and was invited to join the SF Panhandlers steel drum band, led by Jim Munzenrider.  He played both lead pan and double seconds. Currently he is a part of the Stanford Jazz Workshop Giant Steps Middle School Band, where he handle the keys. He also sing and accompany the award winning Panache vocal jazz ensembles from Corte Madera School. Our director is Juliet Green, an amazing jazz vocalist who has been with Clockwork and +4db. His vocal coach is Katie Guthorn from the Voice Studio. Finally, about a year ago he was lucky enough to start composition lessons with Larry Dunlap - and he have learned how much more he have to learn!