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    Saydis Calzado, the 12 years old Cuban girl who came on foot to Uruguay and now lives in Montevideo, is a finalist of "Got Talent Uruguay", this child got the Golden Buzzer on her first appearance, sing and dance. Other singer: «S. Gomez» Host of Got Talent, Natalia Oreiro «Наталия Орейро»
    This kid arrived in Uruguay 3 years ago. She came accompanied by her grandparents from Cuba on a trip between on foot and boat by four-day rivers and started in Havana and passed through Panama, French Guyana, Brazil and entered the Uruguayan Country in South America by Rivera."It was the hardest thing I lived in my life," said Saydis to EL PAIS. "I had a great time frightened by the uncertainty that something bad could happen. She had very good rivals like the winner «Enzo».
    I was dead of fear, all the time, but to give me strength and the only thing I thought was on my mom. She told me: 'I have to be brave for my mom and to meet her'. It was difficult, but thank Jehovah God everything went well. "She sings all day, even while eating. "She was three years old and she sang everywhere, birthdays, parties, wherever you want, she sang,". «EL PAIS»