Robert Gogoana (Румыния)



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    Robert is yet another great performer coming from Romania. There has been a lot of great talent emerging from Romania recently and they have all been spectacular artists. Robert certainly falls right in there as a spectacular artist, he has a great style that adds to his stage presence, wonderful vocals, and he is amazing on guitar.  When Robert is on stage performing the charisma is just overflowing from him, he is an excellent entertainer.
    The magic that Robert has on stage just may come from the very beginning on the most magical day of all. Robert was born on Christmas morning 1999 and the magic this day holds continues to flow through Robert and his music. From that magical Christmas day on, he has been surrounded by music in one form or another. Like most his mom sang him lullabies, then children's songs followed. Soon his parents were buying CD's for him to listen to, along with TV and radio, he would often sing and dance in his room with the music.  When he was six years old he started attending music classes and now he is a student of "Dinu Lipatti", National College of Arts in Bucharest-Romania, where he studies canto, guitar and piano. He started with the guitar when he was nine playing classical music. When he was younger he was fascinated by the guitar, so he chose this instrument to learn to play and sing with.
    Robert likes pop-rock music best and he has some great artists that inspire him like, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, and Bon Jovi. He takes part in music contests where he has won various awards, in spectacles, and TV shows. This year he has spent most of his time on the Romanian National  Television on the entertainment show, "Television Children" this is where children can show off their creativity, musical and acting talents.  He has been spending a great deal of time on TV this year, but he is not a stranger to Television he has been appearing on TV since he was six years old.
    Robert does spend a lot of time expanding his musical talents and learning many songs. He does not have any original songs yet, he says that at his age he should invest in his training. He is very wise, training is the most important thing and many get a head of the game and not always have good results. Training is what will get you to the top and Robert is doing things correctly, and you can bet he will flourish.  He is talented with music and very enjoyable to watch and listen to. Even with things going well with his music, he thinks of himself as a mere child that is trying to find his way in life and a meaning for it. He believes that one day he will be an artist!. It is no doubt that Robert will be a great artist, he is already proving that he posses the talent and attitude to take him all the way.