Оливия Оомс (Olivia Ooms, США)

    11-year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Ooms has been seen in national print ads, commercials and music videos. She is currently being mentored by pop star Debbie Gibson and music producer Andrew Lane, and will be releasing the video for her summer-anthem single “Take Me There” in June 2014. 
    Olivia was born in Huntington Beach, CA to a flight-attendant mother and a father in concept-car development. The would-be prodigy’s first exposure to music was her mother singing to her as a baby. At the age of 5, Olivia took her first piano lesson and began performing with her church choir, and soon thereafter found her theater legs at the Boys and Girls Club of America.
    Working her way up the industry ladder, Olivia and her older brother loved spending time on set doing background work for popular TV shows. And before long, the work took her center stage singing in a number of music videos and Kidz Bop commercials.
    Music has always held that special place in Olivia’s heart, especially songwriting. At age 9, in response to the Connecticut school shootings, she wrote her first song “Valuable 2 Me” hoping it would bring comfort to the families. As her songwriter developed, Olivia learned to bring her thoughts and journals more and more to life. The precocious “airline kid,” having already become a shrewd world traveler due to her mother’s occupation, did just that with her new single "Take Me There," an upbeat anthem about traveling the world with her friends.
    Not unlike her musical idols, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Olivia involves herself deeply in her career. In preparation for the “Take Me There” video shoot, the natural-born leader in Olivia had her auditioning the dancers and cast. And when “action” was called, she expected no less than perfection from them.
    Olivia is passionate about helping others as well, and is already showing signs of a of budding young philanthropist with her regular support of such causes as the Make A Wish Foundation, Tunes for Tots, and Variety the Children's Charity. She is also an ardent animal lover, and takes great pride in caring for her own dogs, Stella, a siberian husky, and Jack, a chihuahua-terrier mix.