Obiet Panggrahito (Индонезия)

    Obiet was born Yohanes Babtista Obiet Panggrahito on 16 July 1998 in the town of Temanggung, a picturesque and mountaineous regency in the Central Java province of Indonesia.
    Born to Petrus Tatas Panggrahito, an elementary school music teacher and Maria Yosepha Primasari Prasetyorini, a housewife, Obiet is the eldest in a family of 3 children. Obiet has two other siblings, Bonaventura Bentara Panggrahito, his younger brother and his baby sister, Jesica Lentera Panggrahito.
    Obiet is currently a senior high school student of SMA Negeri 1 Temanggung, an Elite high school located not too far away from where he resides with his family.
    Obiet entered his world of singing at a very young and tender age. This began after his father, being a music teacher, would regularly bring him to events and functions where Obiet would just tag along, observe and listen.  This grew on him as he became fascinated with the world of music. He was mesmerized at the way people would sing and the many instruments played to create wonderful music to his ears.
    It was at the age of 5 that his father would start encouraging him to sing at smaller, more informal events hoping to get him more interested in music.
    His love for music grew stronger by the day as his main hobby became belching out famous Indonesian pop as well as children songs from the acoustically proven realms of the household bathroom. From interest to passion, Obiet’s love for music grew even greater as he was introduced to and started learning a variety of musical instruments. These included the guitar, violin, drums, bass guitar and the keyboard.
    Obiet’s journey continued as he went from an active, playful and noisy child to one of calm and timidity. A new personality which everyone had no qualms about as he became a person with a quiet, calm, mild-mannered, patient and extremely polite personality. An individual with an extremely likeable character blessed with an innocent and mellifluous voice. Need we go on? LoL.
    Obiet grew to fame and stardom in the local entertainment scene after his father entered him into a reality television programme for kids known as Idola Cilik by Indonesian broadcasting station RCTI. The programme was in its second season and Obiet was 10 years old.
    Although Obiet did not win the competition that year, his popularity throughout the nation shot up by leaps and bounds as he went through round after round to make it into the finals. Obiet’s fame grew even more the following year as he was selected by RCTI to be part of an all-boy singing group known as “Icil Divo”. This group consisted of seven of the best male finalists from the first two seasons of Idola Cilik.
    Obiet’s venture into the local music industry debuted when he was first approached by a music producer from Jakarta to record his first single “Lagi Lagi” in the year 2010. It was also within the same year that Obiet went on to record his full album of ten songs which also consisted of his second single “Hanya Dirimu” which was also the title of his album.
    Obiet was also heavily involved in the third season of Idola Cilik as he guest performed throughout being part of Icil Divo. It was then that his popularity soared to greater heights and he continued to perform regularly throughout the nation far beyond Idola Cilik 3.
    Obiet’s new chapter in life begins 2014 as he spreads his wings beyond the shores of his homeland. It is that year he signs with Musicscape Asia, a music label with its international headquarters in Malaysia. Plans are currently underway as he records his first single for the Asian market which will ultimately culminate with the release of his first international album towards the end of the year. Plans are also in the pipeline for this album to be multi-lingual catering to his large multi-national fan base.
    Obiet intends to work extremely hard in all that is planned for him as he realizes his dream of becoming a well-known international artist one day.
    With his unreserved commitment and enthusiasm, coupled with his energy and support from all around him, this dream may soon become a living reality.