Niños Cantores del Valle de Chalco (Мексика)



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    The Civil Association Children's Music Center of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad was founded in October 1996 with the aim of creating a space where the cultural and social development of the inhabitants of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad was fostered.
    The Singing Children Musical Center of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad offers children free Singing, Theater and Dance classes; under a clear commitment to the restructuring of the social fabric, in an environment full of human values
    Formed by the Polish-born Master Leszek Zawadka, the choir of girls and boys from Valle de Chalco was honored with the Apostolic Blessing of His Holiness John Paul II. It was formed in February 1990, to welcome Pope John Paul II, during his pastoral visit to the Chalco Valley.