Marcos Cabanas (Швейцария)



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    Marcos Cabanas was born in Madrid, Spain in May 2000. His family decided to settle in Nyon in January 2006. It is here that he began his studies on music theory and saxophone (École de musique de Nyon). In January 2008, his family moves to Rolle, and it is with this change that Marcos buys his first guitar, and experiments with this instrument, while continuing music theory and saxophone in Nyon. He also begins to discover his voice. In 2010, he gives a well-rounded concert with his guitar in the South of Spain, thus encouraging him to play onstage more. It is in February 2012 that Marcos leaves with with a group of 8 musicians (whom he is the youngest) to Washington, to take a masterclass on saxophone with the George Mason University Orchestra. This same year, he also leaves to Normandy with the École de musique de Nyon for a concert with the Fanfare de Falaise. In September 2012, he takes another masterclass with the Swiss Army Big Band. In October 2013, Marcos leaves to New York to play a concert with the Rochester Symphonic Orchestra. Besides all this, Marcos has played a few times in Spain, but especially here Rolle during the holiday season of 2012 and 2013, and at the Gilly Pop-Rock Festvial.