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    Luke Chilton was born Sept. 8,1999, in Fayetteville, NC. He first came into the spotlight at the age of 8, when he was cast into a local theater production as "Nathan' (the son) in Full Monty. This led to Luke being cast as the lead in many future productions. Beauty and the Beast, Horton Hears a Who, Peter Pan, Les Miserables, and many more! Luke's talented voice along with his acting ability prove to be the vehicle for his success. Luke appeared in "Elbow Grease" starring Burt Reynolds, as well as "Strawberry Summers" with Shelly Long and Cindy Williams. Along with commercials, he has done print work for Coca-Cola and Target. Luke continues to move forward and branch out to recordings and music videos. Luke's unique voice and good looks promise to insure a lasting career in the film and music industry. Make sure and check out his latest music video cover, "Now or Never", on Youtube. His original song," Falling For You," with Moho Productions, should be released in August.