Kids Voice Africa (Замбия)



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    Kids Voice Africa KIVA A Christian Based charity organization who believe in positive Relationships in communities as we journey with Christ. We work together with the community & Churches in sensitizing the community, we preach through Songs Music Dance and Drama and other activities....In schools, churches, Recreation Centres, where, for others, kids teens and young people, boys and girls, poor, abandoned, under- privileged & orphans, have fun singing, dancing, acting drama showing their talents as vocalists and Choral Group, KIVA Kids [Kiva Children's choir].
    [These Children are the Voice of the Voiceless Child]. ... Similar: CHCHCH CMCC
    We are a Registered NGO[Non Governmental Org.] STAND WITH US TO DISCIPLE CHILDREN BEFORE THE WORLD DOES....These children Speak or Advocate for other voiceless child. We believe in the Power of Our Lord Jesus Christ' Resurrection. God bless you More For Loving KIDS.