Кэм Энтони (Cam Anthony, США)



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    12 Year Old Singing Phenom. What do you get when you mix the vocal influence of Whitney Houston, Charisma of Michael Jackson and Usher, the style and creativity of Bruno Mars, and the audience connection of Maroon 5? — You get Cam Anthony. 
    This soulful and artistic young man has a pure sound with an infectious style and swagger. He is a loveable young prodigy that brings a solid sound and expression to music. His range is so diverse he can carry songs from timeless artists like Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, to popular artists like Bruno Mars, Usher, and Maroon 5. He delivers an unadulterated sound so clear and moving, one listen and you will see why Cam Anthony is a music lover’s favorite. 
    At the age of four, Cam Anthony’s parents realized their son had a special gift. After harmoniously singing the lyrics to a television commercial, they were convinced that this is what Cam was here to do. Cam began singing and dancing with his youth choir and praise team. There he further developed and cultivated his talent. Not only can Cam sing, he can also play the piano by ear and is developing acoustic guitar. 
    The world was first introduced to a timid Cam Anthony at the age of nine during an “America’s Got Talent” audition. The big lights and big stage was intimidating and a bit overwhelming at first. However, through a series of local events and appearances in his hometown of Philadelphia not only did his hometown help him share his gift, their love for this vocal powerhouse helped him overcome his hurdles. Now this young man is ready to share his gift with the world. 
    In addition to being a musical talent, Cam is also an academically talented and a sound social young man. He has maintained honor roll, won 1st place in his school’s Reading Olympics, held the honors of Class President and the head of the his Chinese class. He speaks and reads Mandarin, runs track, and has held lead acting roles in school and community plays. He enjoys basketball and martial arts, and loves his spending time with his family — especially his siblings Corde’, Delanna, Denise, and Desiree’. 
    Cam Anthony is more than just a voice, he is a young man with a gift ready to invade the world. Visit his website at … and follow him on social media through his journey as he sings to the world.