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    JC Satellite is a high energy Rock-n-Roll band who's members include Jake (Guitar & Vox), John (Bass), Sebastian (Guitar) and Jeff (Drums). They are sparking the fuse of rock music in the next generation. With musical abilties beyond their years, these three brothers and another (Sebas) from Eastern Pennsylvania are determined to keep hard rock's legacy alive. They are catching the eyes and ears of all ages with their driving riffs, infectious choral chants, and powerful rock stage show.
    With inspiration from bands such as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Accept, Foo Fighters, and Led Zeppelin, JC Satellite channels these influences into original hard rock songs and aren't afraid to explore the boundarys of rock music. The band is taking it to the next level with the much anticipated release of their first album "RULE THE WORLD" featuring their hardest hitting songs that have defined their sound. The albums Producer is PETER BALTES of the legendary "Balls to the Wall" band ACCEPT. 
    (from official site)