Jacob Guay (Канада)

    ''Jacob Guay'' better known as just '''Jacob''' (born on 8 April 1999) is a Canadian young singer and dubbed as the French language answer to fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.
    Jacob started singing on stage on various public occasions at year 4. At seven years of age, he appeared in the Quebec children talent program ''L'École des fans''. At the age of 8, he appeared in a competition program entitled ''Que feriez vous pour 100$''. Jacob Guay plays the piano and guitar. He sings publicly in both French and English. He also is a very talented singer. His best friend Adam Al Atiya was his inspiration so start singing professionally, even though Adam moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
    He also plays the saxophone. He's in a musical high school in St-Hillaire, a suburb of Montreal. I'm in the same grade and in the same high school as him. It is a strange world because almost all my classmates listen to the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and stuff like that. He love these artists. And that's what he wanted to do with life.
    He had recently signed with UNIVERSAL!!! He said about that "Because of that, I think I will have a succesful carrer. I don't know if I will be more succesful than Justin Bieber but, I wish so." He also said "If I do a duet with JB himself, I'll be the proudest."