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    Jasmine Turner is a mom of eight (seven boys and one girl) and has been involved with music her whole life – as a soloist, choral director, and vocal coach. She put her music aspirations on hold for several years but finally convinced one of her kids to “take their show on the road (the internet). When her 10-year-old son Ian agreed to start a YouTube channel with her, little did he realize that she was not talking about a gaming channel.
    She is a little worried about Ian’s voice changing in the next couple of years and putting a damper on their plans, but she also figures that he has three younger brothers who can step in and take his place when that time comes. Until then, Ian is a good sport, going to recording sessions, putting up with music video filming, and keeping that awesome smile on his face all the while!
    Ian is a very musical 10 year-old and has been singing for different audiences ever since he snuck on stage to sing with his older siblings’ children’s choir at age 3. He has been in a few different performing groups, most recently as a member of the Rise Up Children’s Choir under the direction of Scott Shattuck. He plays piano and is learning to play the ukulele and the guitar. And, oh yes, he also loves to play video games, especially Fortnite.
    Jasmine and Ian’s first music video is a cover of “True Colors” and was released on Wednesday, 7 April 2021. The song is available for purchase, download, and streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. You can also follow the mother-son duo on their Facebook page.
    Just in time for Mother’s Day, Jasmine and Ian released a cover of the classic John Lennon and Paul McCartney (The Beatles) song, “Let It Be,” on 9 May 2021. That song is also available for purchase, download, and streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.