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    HWY 535 (highway five-thirty-five) is the rock band from Orlando Florida that is sure to be the next big thing. 535 is Parker Landis on lead guitar and vocals, Griffin Landis on bass guitar and vocals, and Jullian Piccione on drums and vocals. Together they have proven themselves to be a serious solid rock band, blowing away audiences in and around Central Florida since early last year. (When they were all a year younger than they are now!) They formed the band in January of 2007 in order to play a song in their grade school talent show. The boys named the band 535 after the name of a county road adjacent to their neighborhood. The talent show never happened, but the band still performed 3 songs at Bay Meadows Elementary, and the response was phenomenal. They immediately became in high demand playing shows at various schools, festivals, and radio promotions, all the while writing and adding new songs.
    (from Facebook profile)