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    Hollie Steel was born on 1st July, 1998 and she lives in Lancashire with her mum, Nina, her dad, Jason and her big brother, Joshua.
    When Hollie was just 4 years old, she caught a severe pneumonia infection which left her in hospital for three months. Fluid filled one of her lungs, and the doctor considered removing it, but Hollie fought back and made a full recovery.
    Hollie attends Oakhill College in Lancashire, but at the weekends she goes to a theatre school in Burnley in order to sing and dance. She dreams of one day starring in a West End show. In particular, Hollie would love to play the leading lady in the musical “Wicked”.
    Hollie has been performing at her local theatre school, Basics Junior Theatre, since she was 6 years old. In addition, she attends KLF dance academy where she studes Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Street Dance and Cheer Leading.
    Hollie’s first solo performance ever was in Joseph and His Technicolour Dream Coat. In December 2008, Hollie played Annie at the Burnley Mechanics Theatre.
    Hollie first came to the attention of the UK, and indeed the world, when she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in April 2009. In her first audition, Hollie sang “I Could Have Danced All Night” from the musical, My Fair Lady. The main judge on the show, Simon Cowell, reached out for his buzzer, thinking that Hollie was just another little girl who wanted to be a ballerina, when he stopped mid way as Hollie started to sing.
    Hollie’s voice was surprisingly strong and mature, and she received a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience.
    Piers Morgan said: “We have seen a lot of children on our show over he past three series and I have never heard any of them sing as well as you do.”
    Kelly Brook was moved to tears and called Hollie’s performance: “Beautiful and lovely”.
    More than thirteen million viewers in the UK watched Hollie’s performance, and within one day of her performance being posted on YouTube, it had been watched by more than one million people worldwide.
    Hollie was interviewed on TV in the US via a satellite link on NBC’s today show.
    In the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent, nerves affected Hollie and she forgot the words to the song she was singing, Edelweiss. Fortunately, Hollie was allowed to perform the song again, and this time she sang it perfectly, and left everyone impressed by her beautiful voice, bravery and determination.
    Piers Morgan described Hollie’s recovery as: “One of the gutsiest things I’ve ever seen in my life” and Hollie was chosen by the three judges (Kelly Brook was no longer on the judging panel) to go forward to the final of the competition.
    During the final, Hollie sang “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, another classic musical song, this time from Phantom of the Opera. Hollie displayed none of the nerves she had suffered from in the semi-final and her performance was stunning.
    Simon Cowell said to Hollie: “You were fantastic. You’ve put yourself back in the competition, not through pity, but through talent. Well done!”
    From 12th June until 5th July 2009, Hollie appeared in Britain’s Got Talent – The Live Tour 2009 along with the other finalists from the show, becoming firm friends with Sallie Lax of 2Grand along the way. Hollie was on tour in Belfast when she celebrated her 11th birthday. It was a very special moment for Hollie when the audience of 7000 people all sang Happy Birthday to her.
    Since Britain’s Got Talent finished, Hollie has been incredibly busy. In September 2009, she started work on her album, laying down tracks at the Ace Centre in Nelson, Lancashire. One of the tracks Hollie recorded, “Where Are You Christmas?”, was released as a Christmas single on the VVR record label.
    Hollie has also performed in venues across the globe, including once in Bali and twice in Hong Kong, the second occasion being at the prestigious JSG Top 10 Awards Show where Hollie once again stunned the audience with her captivating performance of Edelweiss.
    Hollie performed her single “Where Are You Christmas?” at the switching on of the Christmas Lights in Preston.
    Hollie has also performed at charity events. One such event was the Pop 4 Diabetes charity ball which took place in October 2009 in Bournemouth. Many of Hollie’s fans travelled from foreign countries (eg Germany and Bulgaria) in order to meet the little songstress. Still more fans travelled the length of the UK to meet her.
    Hollie’s second single, Edelweiss, was released on the BB5 record label and her debut album, Hollie, will shortly be released on the same label. Hollie’s album launch will take place at the Roundhouse Studio Theatre in London on Wednesday 19th May, 2010, where a total of 100 guests, including the National Press, will watch Hollie perform songs from her album.