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    The HEENEBOYZ might just be the world’s youngest metal band. BRADFORD Heene/age 14/ Lead Guitar, RYO/ 12/ Drums, & FALCON/ 10/ Vocal & Bass
    The powerhouse trio sound of HEENE BOYZ was developed over the first 2 years of experimenting with different sub-genres of metal. The trio consist of Falcon age 10 on lead vocals and bass, Ryo age 12 on drums, and Bradford age 14 on lead guitar. 
    They like metal from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, to Metallica, Anthrax, Pantera, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Guns and Roses, and the list goes on. 
    All of their favorite bands became the culmination of the HEENE BOYZ heavy and dark sound with the rich vocals of Falcon Heene. The boys were bored with songs that had light drumming and steady tempos, and decided to write more complex songs with complicated time changes resulting more depth and meaning to their songs. Bradford writes all of the riffs, while Falcon writes most of the lyrics. 
    HEENE BOYZ started their American Chili 2013 tour in NYC at Sullivan Hall to celebrate their second album. 
    After 8 months of recording, American Chili is a theme album that is both horror and comedy where each song is in sequence to tell the story of the album. 
    HEENE BOYZ had been touring Florida for a year and a half and are now touring The U.S. in the summer and fall of 2013 to promote their new EP American Chili. 
    HEENE BOYZ has made many appearances on television that include two times on Wife Swap, and have they been in the news for their storm chase adventures. 
    HEENE BOYZ were featured in 11 magazines of Voice Media Group (New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Observer, Westword, Houston Press, LA Weekly, New Times Miami, City Pages, Voice, OC Weekly, New Times Phoenix, & Riverfront Times) and Yahoo News in December, 2012. 
    Learn more about these boys via their social pages and website.