Габи Борхес (Gaby Borges, Аргентина)



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    Gaby (Gabriela) Borges 14-year-old residents in the city of Miami in Florida. From 3 years old , Gaby begins to dance salsa and 4 years wins first place in its category in the competition "World Salsa Federation". Later Gaby comes to learn Hip Hip, auditioned, and was accepted into "Jr Jam", the group of children dancing to the Miami Heat during home games.
    Begins she penchant for musical instruments and decided to start playing guitar. At age 7, Gaby goes to the academy where he learned MDA Studios, acting, ballet and jazz, which opens the door to join the Univision dance team in the program Sábado Gigante and Don Francisco Presenta . Started out in Telemundo programs as a dancer. Enter the competition "Star Power Talent" and gets first place in the category of Hip Hop as a soloist. Start learning song and Univision’s call to sing at the Jingle 2008.
    At 8 years old Gaby is part of "The Untouchables" a dance group directed by Glenn Douglas Packard, winning an Emmy for his artistic direction in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of Michael Jackson at Madison Square Garden. Gaby auditioned and was accepted into the "Marlins Minnows" the group of children dancing to the Florida Marlins.
    Start out in music videos such as "Kimbara" of Padura girls, Sunshine with "I Deuce Deuce" Major Myjah among others, and their nine years auditioned for a music video produced by Mr. Sergio George composer of the hit song " The black has tumbao "performed by Celia Cruz and producer of artists like Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, and forming part of the same musical gets its first contract with Top Stop Music, the same record company.
    At 10 years Gaby child protagonist makes the Univision telenovela "Eva Luna" winning the hearts of all viewers . Gaby and demonstrate their acting skills singing to the soap opera concludes the Ave Maria the day that his father Daniel (Guy Ecker) marries Eva Luna (Blanca Soto). December 30 The Miami Herald in its edition : Best and worst of the soap operas , Gaby Borges nominated as Best Child Actress .
    At 12 years old Gaby takes his material discografico "Ave Maria" which is on sale on iTunes in the United States. In "Premios Juventud 2011" Gaby was invited to give the award for "Super Tour", this award was given to Prince Royce, who coinsidentalmente company is on the same label that Gaby.
    The magazine "People in Spanish" Gaby nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" along with large small screen such as Victoria Ruffo, Alejandra Barros, Delia Casanova, Magda Guzman, Vanessa Villela, Altair Jarabo and Sophie Alexander.
    Gaby has participated in several charity events such as "Rides 'N Smiles" is a foundation to benefit the Miami Children’s Hospital and Baptist Hospital where children and their families will enjoy a day of smiles and walks in some of the best cars in the world. She also participated in the event singing the Commissioner of Miami -Dade County, Jose « Pepe» Diaz, which was Christmas event to benefit the people of the third age.Days later , Gaby traveled to Mexico to participate in a charity event called "Baskets for Maria" which culminates with the Ave Maria played by Gaby Woods Church Campeche.
    Gaby receives award Stars of the Future of «Miami Life Awards», in February 2012, awarded for his magnificent performance in the novel Eva Luna. The Carnaval de Campeche — Mexico invited Gaby to drive the coronation of the Kings Children, which would end with the fantastic live concert CAMILA group . Gaby makes an excellent driving to keeping the more than 20,000 spectators happy and with a lot of energy during the 4 hours of the event.
    The cartoon show «The Hive» which will air in South America Gaby hires to sing the main theme of the program will be premiering soon. Telemundo Gaby opens up in his novel Brave Heart where Jessica plays . Gaby makes a voice over for the famous cartoon Yes, Virginia, which is a Christmas cartoon based on real life. In this cartoon participate: Don Francisco as the Director of the Newspaper , Giselle Blondet as Carlotta , Blanca Soto as the breast of Virginia, Ernesto Laguardia as holy as the pope penniless and Virginia and Virginia Gaby. The chain hires Gaby univision to be host of the popular program for Nuestra Belleza Latina NBL exclusive channel of youtube and other social networks, which makes the character Gaby 2020 NBL.