Gabe Rockwell (США)

    Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Gabe Baldone (also known as Gabe Rockwell) raised on Elton John and Billy Joel, Gabe was eager to express himself musically from an early age.  He began taking Classical Piano lessons at the age of 5, and quickly found himself experimenting with writing his own music.  In addition to his Classical training, Gabe has an extensive Jazz and Theatre background, both aspects of which are fully apparent in his grounded and organic style.
    He also enjoys being outdoors, camping under the stars, and like many other kids his age, thoroughly enjoys his time with video games.  He keeps his friends close, and loves spending time with his little brother.  Music, though, has become his driving force and greatest passion.
    His goal:  To uplift audiences around the world by sharing his music and his message.
    "Music makes people happy, it brings out real emotions in everyone.  It makes you feel something.  Don't give up on your own happiness."
    Perhaps one of the greatest aspects to his persona is his genuine approach to writing.  He wants, above all else, to be honest and to connect with people on a personal level.  He opts for real instruments rather than electronic over-production.  He writes about peace and hope rather than partying.  He wants you to work for your dreams rather than expect someone to make them come true for you.  He has the power to surprise you, not only because of his age, but because of his insight. 
    Gabe has worked with A&R and development manager, Lynn Verlayne, whom is currently based in Brooklyn, to cultivate his unique sound and perspective.   
    Gabe co-wrote his lead single, "A Shot in the Dark", with Lynn, which is also the title of his first full length EP.  The song is about reaching for your dreams and working hard to achieve them.  Gabe flew to New York to record the EP in Williamsburg at Bunker Studios (the Black Keys recorded "El Camino" here) and quickly impressed his production team, including seasoned session players and engineers.  Grammy award winning producer, Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Vanessa Hudgens) mixed the EP. 
    Lynn says, "Gabe is one of the most talented young artists I've had the honor to work with.  He works harder in the studio than anyone.  I anticipate a long, satisfying career for him and am excited about the future.  He is the anti-Justin Beiber!"
    His sound, a slick combination of pop and rock, is reminiscent of his idols.  Inspired by the melodies of the Beatles, the brilliant piano work of Billy Joel, and the smart lyrics of Bruno Mars, Gabe Rockwell brings incredibly mature and bright music to the world.  He says, "It's not hard to write songs.  It's hard to write good songs."  Still he manages to find inspiration in everything.  He would rather have something be genuine and real than forced and fake. 
    "People should go for what they truly want out of life!  They just have to try and not be afraid.  I went for mine and I don't regret it.  I want people who struggle with finding themselves to know that they can't give up.  Your hopes and dreams are just as valid as anyone else's."