Gabriel Bennett (США) Мальчик | Поп

    Gabe (Gabriel Bennett) is a young singer and he is the brother of singer AJ Wray. Gabe was recently discovered to the world in AJ Wray's new Anthem Lights 2012 Mash-Up video performing with AJ Wray covering the songs "Call Me Maybe", "Payphone", "Wide Awake", and "Starships". The music video project was supported by the guys from Anthem Lights. The video gotten great reviews and many fans loved AJ Wray's performance but especially Gabe's performance in the video. Most fans has comment that they would like to hear more of Gabe in hopes he launches a  YouTube channel, a website, and social media profiles, and release albums. Today there isn't no current updates on Gabe. Soon will come hopefully...


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