Франо Живкович (Frano Živković, Хорватия)

    Frano Zivkovic A.K.A. Frano is nine year old award-winning musician who started showing his musical talent since he was only two years old and plays instruments since he was three. As a multi-instrumentalist he plays violin and piano, but his greatest love is a guitar.
    At age of five Frano held his first standalone classical guitar concert at the Music Academy Zagreb. Frano won several international competitions in the music theory and classical guitar. By now he performed nearly hundred times at various events,concerts, festivals, TV and radio stations, participated in charity projects.
    At age of eight he finished music elementary school with excellent success and honors, performed Vivaldi's chamber concerto in D-major RV93 as probably youngest in the world, and performed with his greatest hero - mr. Tommy Emmanuel, CGP - in biggest national concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski and in Brucknerhaus, Linz.
    Frano continues with his education, developing as a composer and arranger while performing worldwide.