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    Forever In Your Mind (FIYM)
    Meet Ricky:
    Triple-threat Ricky Garcia was born in a military hospital in Puerto Rico.  The dynamic teen began as a model before diving into the music business.
    When he’s not in front of the camera or recording, the youngest of three brothers can be found surfing the waves on the California beaches, which is his latest passion.
    He also enjoys soccer, baseball and football and muscle cars.
    Meet Emery:
    Son of a retired firefighter, Emery Kelly is a 15 year old New Yorker who was plucked from his solo audition from X Factor and joined with Jon and Ricky to form the pop sensation, Forever in Your Mind.
    Emery is an avid gamer and an accomplished athlete.
    He loves fast food and fast cars… His favorite place to eat is McDonalds!
    Meet Jon:
    Jon Klaasen is a multi-talented musician who plays keyboards, drums, guitar and bass as well as acts and writes music.
    The 15 year old Indiana teen met Ricky six months ago when he moved to Los Angeles after being discovered in a Florida talent competition. They immediately clicked when they tried to out-harmonize each other, and ended up a strong vocal duo. The addition of Emery to their mix by Simon Cowell was his typical genius!