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    Daniel Elmrhari Johansen (born June 15, 1999) dancer and winner of Norwegians got talent 2011.
    Daniel started dancing seriously when he was 10 years old and he participated in the Norwegian Talents in 2010 for the first time. Then he reached the judge selection.
    His greatest idol is Michael Jackson. He began with MJ inspired dance, but went on to more hip hop inspired dance later.
    Daniel loves to be on stage and also has acting experience including three seasons in Per Aspelin Christmas game "Putti Putti Plot" in Oslo Spektrum. The last season in a starring role.
    Daniel has a lot to thank the dance crew Quick for (winner of Norwegian got talent 2009). He trains at Quickstyle studio and finds great inspiration there.
    Daniel has since Norwegians got talent participated in a number of large and small events such as ”VG Topp 20”, The TV2 program "Ønskedrømmen", show during The Royal highnesses 10 year anniversary and ”warming up” for Jay Sean at Sentrum Scene. In addition, Daniel has had the pleasure of dancing with Madcon in ”Grieghallen", Bergen and being one of the two front dancers during the launch of the film "The life of an icon" with Michael Jackson Flashmob in Oslo.
    Daniel was by Judge Adil Khan in Norwegians got talent featured as the born entertainer after winning the prize the 27th May 2011:
    - Daniel deserved to win! He has developed from day one, here at Chateau Neuf, half nervous and shaky, get constructive criticism, embrace it. The flourishing development he had, I've never compared someone with Michael Jackson, and I did today. You see it in his face. He's a born entertainer. As you can see, he flirts with the girls, he has attitude and the moves. As I said to him, I hope he does not stop dancing. He is the greatest dancetalent in Norway! Adil said.
    Now Daniel is acting as often as he can with hip hop dance mixed with MJ moves. Recently Daniel also has started singing.