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    "I am Boo. I sing, play music, do art, and enjoy being a kid and loving life!" - Boo
    The Linings are a Christian family that live in SC. Michael has his own Youtube channel dedicated to A Capella Christian music, Barbershop harmony, and instrumental arranging. Mandy is a singer songwriter, and has her own Youtube page. Boo began musical training at age 2 with Prodigies Music Lessons, has a 2.5 octave range and perfect pitch. He loves to sing Disney music, Christian music, and make up his own songs. This channel is inspired by "Claire and the Crosbys" - a huge influence on Boo and one of our favorite channels to watch as a family. On our channel, you will find music videos by Boo and family vlogs. We hope you enjoy and are blessed, encouraged, and entertained.