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    Brothers Dubé is one of the youngest professional rock bands in the world. At ages 9, 11, and 12 they were drawing crowds of thousands at a time to their “mega-busking” street performances on what eventually became known as their “Sidewalk Stage”. Through these now legendary street performances, playing articulate renditions of rock’s greatest anthems, they raised over $150,000 which they donated to orphans in Haiti. After visiting those orphans in 2012, they filmed a documentary to share with at-risk youth within North American schools, receiving numerous accolades and awards along the way including United Way’s Community Builder of the Year award, and commendations from the Prime Minister of Canada and President of Haiti. In addition to this, they are accredited songwriters, with an album under their belt and published works within the music and television industries.
    With hundreds of live performances under their belts at festivals, stadiums, theatres and bars, and with dozens of interviews and live on-air performances, the Brothers Dubé take pride in their ability to deliver stunning live performances as seasoned performers… and they’re still not even in high school! Having caught the attention of Arcade Fire fresh after their CISCO Bluesfest performance they also jammed with Hollerado, and were later invited to Osheaga 2010 at Arcade Fire’s request. With reggae close to their hearts, they were also billed with Kymani Marley (Bob Marley’s son) and Sean Paul. They also played as the Ottawa Senators House Band to capacity crowds of 20,000 at Scotiabank Place.
    The Brothers Dubé got their start in music in Ottawa, Canada in 2006 at the ages of 6, 8 and 10 after posting covers of their mother’s favorite songs on YouTube to keep her spirits up while she fought cancer. Shortly after her death in 2008, they began fundraising. In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake however, with televised images of orphans striking a familiar chord, the Brothers Dubé turned their sights on the House of Hope Orphanage and Grace Children’s Hospital in Haiti and embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise $50,000, which they have since far surpassed.
    The Brothers Dubé continue to contribute to their community by playing for charitable events and raising awareness and inspiring other kids to change the world through their creativity and passion by delivering a workshop they developed within schools. They piloted the workshop within weeks of their return from Haiti and successfully encouraged other kids to raise funds in support of education in Haiti.