Brandur Enni Helgason (Фарерские острова)

    Brandur Enni is a singer and songwriter from the Faroe Islands, located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, at the point where the Gulf Stream reaches its end. His family has always been musical and Brandur is no exception. By the age of twelve, Brandur had already released his debut-cd “Waiting in the Moonlight” which was a success in Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Ready to invest more in his career, Brandur moved to Sweden in 2006 to attend the Songwriter’s Academy, Musikmakarna, a two-year vocational training.
    Brandur is talented both as a singer and songwriter. He is currently working on new material for his upcoming album and has recently signed a record deal with Lionheart International, a Universal  Music label. Brandur has also just landed a publishing deal with Air Chrysalis of Scandinavia.
    Despite his young age, Brandur has already co-written with some of the most talented Swedish song-writers. With collaborations with the writers behind songs of artists like Joe Cocker (Lasse Andersson), Celine Dion/Gavin DeGraw and Westlife (Carl Falk) and the writer of “By the Rivers of Babylon”, Barak Levi – Brandur’s upcoming album has the potential to be packed with catchy quality songs.
    His band members are Swedish, and they’ve been writing a lot of songs together over the last year. Three of the members attend the Songwriter’s Academy as well.
    Brandur has been chosen as one of the candidates for the Swedish Eurovision Music Contest 2008, Melodifestivalen. He will perform “Lullaby” written by Henrik Wikstrom and Kristian Lagerstrom.. The event will take place on February 9th and will be a great challenge for Brandur.