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    Botones was a Spanish children's musical group formed by the brothers José Andrés and Juan Pedro Aparicio. They were active for three years, between 1979 and 1982, and released three albums.
    They were chosen to record the main theme of the cartoon series "Don Quijote de La Mancha" with great success; this was in 1979, the International Year of the Child. In their television appearances they appeared on the back of a donkey, something very visually attractive.
    After releasing some more single such as Para pedirte perdón, they recorded their first album produced by Juan Pardo, Baby rock, which included rock songs from the 50s and 60s such as Popotitos, Doctor brujo or Presumida, and others composed by Juan Pardo, as well as Sancho and Quixote, To ask your forgiveness or I'm going to fall in love.
    That same year they released the single Xanadú / Eso esta bien, whose songs were included in a promotional album entitled Xanadú, but which only included this single along with the songs from the first album, omitting The Band and I'm going to fall in love. Xanadú had the choirs of Los Pecos themselves and Juan Pardo.
    It was not until 1982 that they recorded a new album, which would be their last, Sing with Buttons. This album, produced by Álvaro Nieto and which included songs by him and Luis Figuerola-Ferreti among others, went unnoticed, and for this reason the duo fell apart. Songs such as Let's go on an excursion, which they defended at the Benidorm Spanish Song Festival, their own version of Ulises 31 or Qué pena de verano, stand out.