Boni Pueri (Czech Boys Choir) (Чехия)



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    BONI PUERI, was founded in 1982 and has become one of Europe's most famous musical ensembles.
    BONI PUERI ("Good Boys"), the Czech Boys Choir has given more than 2500 concerts in North America, Asia and Europe, has produced 13 recordings and has been invited to participate in 20 other recordings with Supraphon, EMI, BMG and ArcoDiva. In addition, Boni Pueri has been featured on a number of television and radio broadcasts. The choirs are invited to perform regularly with eminent artists, including José Carreras, and with other important ensembles and orchestras around the world.
    Boni Pueri is also a private music school with 350 students and since 2006 has been under the patronage of the Czech Ministry of Education. Boni Pueri is a cultural ambassador of the "European Federation of Choirs of the Union"