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    Fredrik Strand Halland got his first guitar at the age of 2. He picked up how to play by ear until at the age of 7 he received formal training from his father Frank Halland. He took lessons from his father for several years and in the meantime built up a local following by performances in the local market square. later he took lessons from the famous Mads Eriksen. It was then that he discovered his calling was The Blues. He has done many festivals Dalane, Notodden Blues Festival, Amal, Hell, Bergen, Sandnes, Hollywood Knitting Factory etc. Each of which has brought him more recognition and respect. He has apeared numerous times on both state and local TV and Radio. He has done several promo CD's and has completed a comercial CD "Beautiful Day". In Norway he is known as BLUE-FREDRIK but internationally is known as The Fredrik Strand Halland Band. Now currently under HiHat management.