Bahamas National Children’s Choir (Багамские Острова)



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    Island Celebration


    The Bahamas National Children’s Choir BNCC and The Bahamas National Youth Choir BNYC are both very recognized among the islands of the Bahamas because of their beautiful Choral voices and Community Organization with kids, teens, and young people that form these Choirs.A choir of approx. Seventy (70) students for BNCC, from government and private schools, exposing children to their culture and to cultivate their talents they have as young people. Similar: Haiti🎭 Aruba
    The Bahamas National Youth Choir BNYC was founded in 1983 as a part of the celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of Bahamian independence. It is a charitable national cultural entity subsidized by The Bahamas Government and the private sector. Through the medium of the arts, the Choir provides opportunities for self-growth, development and training, as it continues to create responsible and confident citizens while building an enduring national cultural institution; 
    Hundreds of young persons have passed through the Choir's program since its inception. The Chorus has sang in twenty languages, produced nine commercial recordings, traveled to seventeen countries on four continents, researched and documented much of the folk music of The Bahamas.