shitkid (shitkid, Дания) Мальчик | Рэп

shitkid was a group with 3 boys for the 2001 danish singing competion MGPjr with a rap/hiphop song cllen Når vi sparker biip” (When We Kick Beep)
they ended up 3th and didn't get to go to MGP Nordic (a singing competition for children from the scandinavian countries)
12 year-old Anders de vos Lassen (a regular  weed user) got the most votes in the first tele voting round and his demo that he send to DR was so good that internally they voted if he should go to MGP anyways
but they send the actual winner of the show
Anders de vos Lassen did got a record contract, and the world was in his hands
but his album only sold around 15.000 copies (there was not yet pay-per-download back then) and he and his family were so disappointed that the poor boy started to use even more weed
it got from bad to worse when he tried to make a comeback in 2006 and failed big time
he became more and more psycho, and got in rehab several times
when his parol officer offered him to go to a bar in 2010 he stabbed him several times
after investigation of the police, he was found found guilty of murder by a jury
yet to sick and crazy from the weed he used he was send to a psychiatric hospital for dangerous criminals

he still is in that hospital as i write this


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